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JPFO - Open Letter Index



Over time JPFO has both written and received numerous open letters.  To help in finding all these we have made this index/reference page to assist in finding them as well as other important letter material. Where possible we have placed newer items at the top.


JPFO Open Letters Index
Chuck Balwin writes at length and in depth on this subject.
Neil Smith writes in response to a Harvey Weinstein threat.
Jews in the WI must re-examine some of their CCW beliefs.
Rabbi corrects NJ Jewish News' - "Guns and Definitions".
Rabbi comments on "Guns and Moses", and enlightens.
Rabbi Bendory has some issues with a report on "Fast and Furious".
Rabbi Bendory writes some stark truths to Sarah Brady.
Rabbi Bendory addresses a Star of David controversy.
David Codrea writes about 'Project Gunwalker' to Wayne LaPierre.
Rabbi Bendory tells him some strong home truths.
Psychiatrist writes about Drs and guns, supporting ownership.
JPFO writes to Ted in his capacity as an NRA Director.
Will America make it to the 2010 elections; will they even be fair?
People asked to send it to him, to gain his help against UN Treaty
We suggest what Sarah could say to the NRA Convention, May 2010.
Thought provoking piece from
Coinciding with her birthday, JPFO published this letter.
Telling Congress about its many misdeeds and criminality.
Taking issue on "assault weapons" and lack of attention to 2A.
Not so much an open letter, as about the Friesen court case.
Sent to Kenneth Melson (Acting Director) re gun registration.
PA rep Sam Rohrer writes to Barack Obama about a broken oath.
To US Marshal Judicial Security Inspector David A. Meyer.
A reminder to all, of the meaning and importance of Memorial Day.
Aaron Zelman writes, concentrating on the abuses of BATFE.
FBI linking with BATFE, and testing abuses plus GCA68 matters.
Sent to Brian Benczkowski, about bad testing procedures.
Richard Celata writes about BATFE abuses and interference.
From Len Savage and JPFO, to promote "The Gang Movie".
Casino, gun show venue - promoter penalizes gun owners.
A request for details on Haliburton detention camps.
NRA does not want BATFE abolished.  JPFO responds.
Regarding Government surveillance and threats to 2A.
Bill Akins of Akins Accelerator, origin on Red's Trading Post.
"You Won the Battle But Lost the War" (Copy of BoR included.)
Aaron Zelman considers religions and self defense.
A Personal Challenge to All Jews to Defend Themselves.
Gene Flick - to The American Psychiatric Association.
PDF sent out from from BATFE in 7/1986.
Dr. Anthony T. Kern makes observations a week after 9/11
Aimed at Abe Foxman and ADL hypocricy.


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