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The importance of firearm security
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The importance of firearm security

Original incident report by Denise Hollinshed,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch. April 19th, 2017

"ST. LOUIS • Police are investigating after a 6-year-old boy was found with a loaded handgun in his desk at an elementary school on Tuesday.

The gun, a .25-caliber pistol, was found by a school administrator at KIPP Victory Academy, a charter school at 955 Arcade Avenue, police said. The firearm was turned over to police.

The boy's parent or guardian was informed of the incident and a report was made to the Missouri State Children's Division, police said." .......

This should be a wake up call, in as much as, it is very likely that this child found and took the handgun from his home. When it comes to families with young children or even the possibility of visiting children (grand kids for example), there is little doubt that the only safe place for a firearm is on the person.... any others being properly secured and not just hidden. Children are both curious as well as smart when it comes to "exploring" about the home -- even some so-called safes can be less than secure.
Apart from the obvious safety concerns, it must also be remembered that cases such as this give the anti-gun fraternity the extra leverage they just love to run with at every opportunity. The law abiding gun owner must take total responsibility for safety and security at all times, and also wherever possible impress on kids and young people generally, the absolute importance of firearms safety.

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